Our team

world class engineers, ready to engineer your future.

We exist for a single purpose: facilitation.

We understand Vietnam’s beating heart. In a place that is changing every day, yet governed by age-old values, we are on the ground at the coalface of its evolving economy.

More than anywhere else, winning here depends on three things – network, knowledge and know how.

This synergy allows us to deliver you a single
outcome: Success.


Knowledge & Insight

Our staff include:

  • Senior supervising EU (Germany) qualified
    engineers with a background in top-tier
    automotive research, development, design and production and testing & validation

  • UK and Australian qualified legal & commercial management professional

  • Local CAE/ CAD Experts & Specialists

  • Local Environmental Compliance Experts & Specialists

  • Local Project Engineers & Project Managers in the field testing & validation (automotive, consumer goods, electronics & textile)