Company history

Who We are

Vinso Global Ltd. has been operating like a startup and innovating company right from the beginning.

We started as an ESP- Company specialized in the field of automotive and developed our company and our teams according to the future needs. 

As we look ahead, we see that each industry is
envolving faster than ever before.
Many changes & challenges are being driven by
increased regulation, whether it is saftey or
environmental and frequently changing consumer needs.

Today we are an engineering service provider with testing & inspection capacities, extended to a range of business segments (automotive, electronics,
consumer goods, textile & food).

Vinso Global Ltd has the ambitious vision to provide first class engineering services and solutions on global standard and with respect to the green
footprint in Vietnam. 

Our roots, our journey

Vinso Global Ltd was established to contribute to the rising industry in SEA, and particular in Vietnam.

Founded in 2018 by experienced industry insiders, the company is offering engineering services for virtually all technical projects and tasks in the field of testing, design engineering, product development and

Ever since Vinso Global Ltd has become a recognized leader in the field of environmental compliance
consulting & training services, testing & validation services and an major supplier of local qualified &
experienced labour supply in Vietnam.

We offer a flexible range of cooperation

Together with the client we choose the path that is suitable for the project.