If you are looking to enter the market in Vietnam, we can help you.


We exist for a single purpose: facilitation.

We understand Vietnam’s beating heart.  In a place that is changing every day, yet governed by age-old values, we are on the ground at the coalface of its evolving economy. 


More than anywhere else, winning here depends on three things – network, knowledge and know how.

This synergy allows us to deliver you a single outcome: 






We bring international knowledge that counts. 


Our engineers are German trained with a background in top-tier automotive manufacturing. 


Our project management is sourced from multinational entities with major international industry. 


Our in-house legal is United Kingdom, United States and Australian trained with top-tier commercial experience.  Our professional team is supported by financial managers and administrators trained in Australia and Hong Kong. 


We bring all of this to action in Vietnam.  

Our knowledge sets an informed standard when we practice our craft.



We implement our knowledge to get results.  

Our practitioners have collectively achieved business outcomes in Germany, the United States, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Australia, Mexico, Colombia, South Africa and more.   

Now we are doing things in Vietnam.


Latest News:

In 2019, we delivered major results for imat-uve gmbh, an international testing lab founded in Germany.  We are pleased to announce that as a result of this success, we are now their sole representative for Vietnam.

Join us and we will deliver for you too.





We define the purpose of your project and set actionable goals that are used to guide our strategy.


Our plan facilitates the achievement of your goals via work packages that leverage our network and resources.


We action our plan in accordance with our strategy and real world conditions to achieve an optimum outcome.


After care services and representative functions are available as required to maintain and improve market results.